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The Gift We Didn't Receive
    February 12, 2017
    2 Timothy 1:7-12
    Terry Cosby

    February 5, 2017
    John 13:1-9
    Dr. Hulitt Gloer

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What's Happening

Reminder: Isaiah's Place 15 Year Celebration and Open House
Posted February 16, 2017

The last website update contained information about Isaiah's Place celebrating their 15th anniversary.  This is a reminder along with more information regarding that event.  Isaiah's Place is a special program with great success working with the deaf.  The Chapel provides some support through the Local Mission committee led by Becky Watkins as well as many Chapel members contributing their time and energy.  Diane Frederickson is the Director of Isaiah's Place and also the Chapel liaison.

There are many ways Isaiah's Place can be supported.  Please check out the flyer for more information about the open house and ways to support this effort.  If you have questions or want to get involved you can contact Diane.

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Terry's Blog

Wizard of Cos
Terry's Blog

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On the Road Again

Visiting One of God's Wonders
Posted February 16, 2017

by Bill Burris

In March of 2004 my company scheduled me for a week-long training seminar in Phoenix, AZ. While making my travel plans I remembered that I had two cousins living in the Tucson area. I reached out to them to see if the timing allowed for a weekend visit before the seminar. They agreed and said they would make it a special weekend.

Little did I know that the special part was to be my first visit to the Grand Canyon. My cousins Vicki and Carol are regular visitors there and have spent many hours hiking in the canyon. Talk about having a great tour guide, I had two and got to see so much in just a short time.

When these gals take someone to the Grand Canyon for their first trip, they have a very special routine. Once there, they ask you to close your eyes as they walk you to the rim so that when you open your eyes, the beauty and grandeur before you is beyond belief. Only God could create such a magnificent wonder. This routine should be a standard for anyone visiting the Grand Canyon for their first time.

The following weekend I was treated to a round of golf at the Tucson Country Club followed by a great meal at a local restaurant. I had a truly great time with family while seeing the Grand Canyon to boot!

The following year Marcie and I returned to the canyon along with my two cousins, their husbands and their brother Terry and his wife. The goal was to ride the mules to the bottom and spend two nights at the Phantom Ranch. Marcie and I both soon learned that we didn't like riding mules for a variety of reasons.

We only went part way and the others went on to the bottom. The ride was causing tremendous pain in Marcie's back. Another group that was returning from a day trip picked us up for the return to the rim. The lady wrangler in charge was very instrumental in helping Marcie return to the top in less pain. Knowing Marcie's problems with her back, I should never have arranged that part of the trip and she should have said "no" to the ride. We both learned a lesson that day.

Because of those trips to the Grand Canyon, I have learned to look at our world through different eyes. God has given us so many beautiful things in his creation. We just need to take the time to stop, look, and listen for His quiet voice. He has created innumerable magnificent and majestic wonders for us to celebrate His glory.

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On the Road to Recovery

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What We've Done

Chapel Sponsored Bible Study Retreat
Posted February 16, 2017

On February 3 and 4 the Adult Education committee led by Jody Yarbro presented a two day Bible study retreat.  On Friday evening Jody introduced Dr. Hulitt Gloer, Professor of Preaching and Christian Scripture at Truett Theological Seminary.  Dr. Gloer presented the study of "Following Jesus in the 21st Century: Discipleship in Mark's Gospel".

There were approximately 75 attendees; some that were from Whitney and Hillsboro, and all were lead through parts of Mark's Gospel by Dr. Gloer as he brought out in depth information and explanations of Mark's writings.  During the study he made it clear what it meant to be a disciple of Christ both in Christ's time and in today's world.  He challenged the retreat attendees to become Christ's Disciples.  He further pointed out how Mark used text from the Old Testament to reach the Jewish population in the first century during the rule of the Roman Empire.  

Dr. Gloer concluded the retreat by presenting the sermon on Sunday's worship service with a message entitled, "Servanthood," based on John 13:1-9. 

Mary Parish and her team of Helen Knight, Ginger Seurkamp, Dottie Redding, Noel Allen and Ruth Ann Cushon provided breakfast and lunch on Saturday.  Members of the Chapel provided desserts for Friday evening.  People were heard talking about it all being very good.

Chapel Hosts Valentine Banquet
Posted February 16, 2017

Mary Parish and her hospitality team provided beautiful decorations, great food and entertainment that were perfect ingredients for a delightful Valentine banquet on Friday February 10.  The event was held in the Maurice Martin Fellowship Hall.  The 89 attendees were greeted by Harry Seurkamp upon arrival and then treated to a tasty punch.

There was a clear sky with a near full moon as God was watching over the gathering.

After Mary welcomed everyone, Harry Seurkamp gave the blessing followed by the stampede to the chow line.  Two couples,  Gus and Pam Larson and Bill and Aggie Gladbach were invited to go first with a hospitality person providing assistance.

Once all had enjoyed their dinner, Nancy McGinnis began working on a new career by entertaining the crowd with a humorous comedy routine and some personal information about herself.  She then introduced Ralph Sparks who once again engaged the group in a walk down memory lane of 50’s and 60’s music relevant to Valentine's Day.

Nancy implied that the "Synchronized Swimmers" might make a return engagement next year.  She then began handing out a token gift to each of the hospitality ladies along with a floral gift for Mary Parish and thanking them all for their efforts.

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