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Anticipation of Joy
    December 4, 2016
    Luke 21:25-34
    Bubba Radke

Prophets Always Tell More Than They Know
    November 27, 2016
    Isaiah 42 and Genesis 1
    Terry Cosby

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White Bluff Chapel with bluebonnets
ission  Chapel Members Ring in the
Christmas Season at Wal-Mart
 oment  Posted December 8, 2016

by Harry Seurkamp

As the bells tolled the moneys flowed while 24 members from White Bluff Chapel rang the Red Kettle Bells for the Salvation Army at the Hillsboro Wal-Mart on Tuesday November 29.

What a beautiful day we had. We collected $1,082.00 that day. It was only the fifth day of bell ringing and it was third day that over $1,000 was collected. Those participating were Bill Torman, Bill Brown, Jay Miller, Harry Seurkamp, Larry Lucas, Bob Hatherly, Cathy Cole, Joan Grubbs, Terry Pierce, Vicki Shultz, Dwayne Redding, Kathy Dorsey, Larry and Sharron Lively, Mike and Marilyn Pollard, Linda and Larry Turner, Scotty and KayLea Scott, Terry and Tracie Willingham.  Harry pulled a second shift with Ginger because the Geron's went to welcome a new grandbaby.

Thanks to all who helped. If YOU missed the opportunity to help you can call Brenda Rowe at 694-8645 and she will assign you a day and time that meets your schedule.

ission  Chapel Sponsorship of Foundation Ministries
Helps Build Goat Herd
 oment  Posted December 8, 2016

Previously there have been articles about the Chapel's help with building a goat herd.  Joseph, a bishop sponsored by Foundation Ministries, manages an orphanage and is building a herd to help feed the children.  Joseph was a visitor to the Chapel in 2015. The Chapel's Global/National Mission Committee led by Vicki Thompson has forwarded funds through Foundation Ministries to help purchase goats.  Rene Brown of Foundation Ministries has sent Becky McKee an update on their progress.  If you would like more information about Foundation Ministries please contact Becky, the Chapel liaison with Foundation Ministries. 

Dear Becky,

Here are our latest purchases. Joseph is also working on goat sheds for these goats. We are moving little by little so as not to overwhelm these pastors. Joseph is the bishop for about 30 plus churches and has an orphanage to run that is separate from the ones related to Foundation Ministries. 

These goats in Kenya look exactly like the "Spanish" or "brush" goats we raise in Hill Country of Texas although many people are adding some South African Boar Goat blood into the herd. These Boars are all-white goats except for colored ears of brown or black.  

In addition he travels widely doing seminars in the western part of Kenya and eastern part of Tanzania. Frankly, I don't see how these men have time to do all that they do. They do a tremendous service for the body of Christ in Western Kenya.

Each of these churches where he teaches becomes an outreach to unbelievers with the Good News of the Kingdom of God in Christ Jesus. His teaching (which we have encouraged for 25+ years) is immensely helpful to these Christians.

In addition to teaching the scriptures, these men also have crusades in the towns where they go to bring more people into the Kingdom



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What We've Done

Chapel Chippers Create Unique Christmas Carvings
Posted December 8, 2016

by Harry Seurkamp

In the past couple of years the Chapel Chippers (woodcarvers who meet at the White Bluff Chapel) have carved ornaments and sold them with the proceeds going to the Chapel. This year they are doing something a little different for the Chapel.

They have carved 50 Folk Art Nativity Sets. These sets consist of Jesus in the manger, Mary and Joseph sitting on a wooden base.

These sets are being donated to the Children's Ministry. Every child who attends the Chapel throughout the Christmas Sundays will be given a Nativity Set. As they learn about the birth of Jesus in Sunday school they will have their own personal set for their room. As they look at their set each day it will remind them of the real reason for Christmas.

Over the Hill Care Group Holds Annual Christmas Party
Posted December 8, 2016

On Saturday December 3, 24 members of the Over the Hill Care Group met at the Lone Star Room for a fun evening of fellowship, great food and the humorous white elephant gift exchange.

The party was hosted by Jan Hasty and Glenda Bettina and they decorated the room for the occasion.

After everyone had arrived Bill Burris offered a prayer and the race was on to the food.  The theme for the evening was soup and sandwiches.  There was a great variety of both.  Of course it wouldn't be an Over the Hill party without wonderful desserts.

Two new couples to the group in attendance were Dave and Dottie Briggs and Ron and Susie Quiggins.  They fell right into the flow of the party.  Everyone was very pleased to see Brett and Jan Schiftner attend the gathering.  It was long overdue considering what they've both been through.  They are a great example of how prayers do work.

As the white elephant gift exchange began everyone was worried they would select the annual arrival of the rubber chicken.  Larry Lucas was this year's victim.  After taking all the laughs he sat and admired his prize.  For the first time ever Ron Quiggins stole the chicken from Larry.  Even though he no longer had the chicken, Larry's luck didn't change.  The gift he selected after losing the chicken was the red panties Frank Brown won last year.  Larry's wife Cheryl laughed so hard she was in tears.

After the exchange Marcie Burris spoke to all and acknowledged the new members, welcomed Brett and Jan and asked everyone to keep Terry Cosby and family in their prayers.  Debbie Bradley mentioned two of her friends, both named Donna, who were going through difficult times and asked for prayers.  Marcie also thanked Jan and Glenda for hosting the evening.

The group's next meeting will be in March 2017.  Ursula Stone and Debbie Bradley will be hosting.

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