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    October 16, 2016
    Wes Mitchell

The Tall People
    October 10, 2016
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    Terry Cosby

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ission  Men's Ministry Receives the Gift
of a Needed Trailer
 oment  Posted October 6, 2016

The White Bluff Chapel Men's Ministry has been very active in our community and throughout Hill County doing handyman projects, and building wheelchair ramps for people requiring wheel chairs or walkers for mobility.  With all the materials and tools they have to haul around, there was a need for an enclosed cargo trailer. 

One of our Chapel members, Bob Hatherly, responded to this need and spent a lot of time and effort searching for a trailer to meet their needs.   After much searching he found one within his price range and agreed to acquire the trailer.  Following approval by the trustees and registration with the state the deal was finalized.  Ron Williams inspected the trailer before it was purchased, and later arranged to have it covered in white vinyl and have White Bluff Chapel logos applied.  Steel racks were welded inside to hold materials, and storage bins were built to hold the tools. 

The Men’s Ministry is ready to serve those in need of handyman services within White Bluff and nearby communities. 

They also work with the Texas Ramp Project to build the ramps. This statewide organization provides materials, and White Bluff Chapel men provide the labor for all ramps requested in Hill County.  Since starting in 2013 the team has built 41 ramps, with 12 already completed in 2016.

If you are interested in joining this team, please contact Ron Williams (694-9680) or Larry Turner (694-7984).  Carpenters, helpers, painters: all are needed. No experience is necessary, and all tools are provided.

ission  Isaiah's Place has Active Summer
 oment  Posted October 6, 2016

Summer Activities 2016

White Bluff Chapel's Local Missions sub-committee chaired by Becky Watkins provides support for Isaiah's Place.  This summer was filled with a variety of activities for the participants.  Movies, learning about the horse program, road trip to Oklahoma and Bible camp were part of the activities.  Of course there was lots of pizza and time hanging out with each other.  You will see and learn about all the activities in the "Summer Activities 2016" newsletter.  It's refreshing to know that the Chapel's support has been part of a very positive happening in the Lake Whitney area. 

Deaf History Center

Isaiah's Place has recently initiated a new project.  The Deaf History Center and Gardens were implemented to honor the deaf.  There are several ways to join them in honoring the deaf.  You'll see several ideas for support in the Deaf History Center flyer.

If you want to know more about Isaiah's Place you can contact Diane Frederickson.

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Wizard of Cos
Terry's Blog

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On the Road Again

My Colorado Adventure: A Rare Vacation and Opportunity
Posted October 6, 2016

by Toni Wengler

The adventure began in August, 2015 while visiting friends in the picturesque town of Lake City, Colorado. Ken and I were there celebrating Ken's birthday and our anniversary. We spent our days hiking the scenic trails and exploring the incredible beauty of the San Cristobal Lake, the American basin and the Ute-Ulay mine and mill.

The townspeople of Lake City are friendly. Many Texans have retired there full time and many others have their summer homes there. One resident of Lancaster, Texas, Sue Ann Paulus, has spent her summer months in Lake City for many years. When I first met her, I was showing pictures of my artwork to someone. Sue Ann reached over to see and with great enthusiasm and delight told me that she would be opening a fine art gallery in Lake City the following summer. She explained that she had spent several months putting together a collection of artists representative of work across a wide variety of different media and that she had thus far been unable to find anyone who worked with colored pencil and pastel. Thus said, she asked if she could represent my artwork, adding that her prayers had finally been answered!

For several years my desire had been to visit Lake City in the summertime, but the timing had never worked out. I had been praying for a new way to show and sell my art. The one-woman shows I'd had in the Dallas Metroplex for the past several years had been great opportunities and very enjoyable, but also very time consuming. My desire was instead to spend more quality time painting. When Sue Ann and I met, we immediately recognized that God's plan had brought us together in a timely way that would fill both our needs.

For Sue Ann, her life-long dream to have a gallery had come true. She had designed the gallery meticulously, attending to every detail. A special touch was the beautiful one-bedroom apartment that she added in the back of the gallery. Her intention was to invite each of her gallery artists to stay there for a designated time, spending each day painting in the front window of her gallery, showing their artwork and demonstrating their technique. What a most unique feature of this gallery!

The reception for the opening of the gallery was held on June 25th, 2016. I was there and it was a fabulous event. The atmosphere was electric! The townspeople, friends and tourists were so excited; they came early to support Sue Ann, to view the art, and to meet the artists. It was well attended, far more so than had been expected - a blessing especially for those who had worked so hard to see the completion of the renovated building with its new apartment.

I spent a month this past summer in Lake City. Each week offered a new adventure. The week I spent in the gallery was exhilarating. There was a constant flow of people visiting from many places. I thoroughly enjoyed demonstrating my technique in colored pencil, and a few people even sat and tried their hand at it!

Lake City is an amazing place. I can't wait to see what adventure awaits us for next summer.

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