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Career Day

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ission  Whitney High School
College & Career Day 2017
 oment  March, 2017

By Dottie Briggs

Forty-five Whitney volunteers came together on Thursday, February 16 for the 11th annual Whitney High School College & Career Day event for the junior class.  We are blessed to live in a community that is so invested in our youth.  We are grateful to Reverend Greg Johnson of the First Church of the Nazarene for opening the church for this very worthwhile activity.  Superintendent Gene Solis welcomed students and expressed his appreciation to those involved in the program.  Whitney High School counselors Sheri Pelham and Lynn Hundley recruited students to sign up for their areas of interest.

This event was funded by the White Bluff Chapel's Educational Mission Committee led by Peggy Mitchell. Dottie Briggs, committee sub-chair, assisted by Kathy Dorsey organized the event to include local professionals, representatives from McLennan and Navarro Community Colleges, and Texas State Technical College.  Military personnel from the Marines, Navy, Army, Air Force, and U.S. Army National Guard were also in attendance to provide information about military opportunities.

The program involved seven break‐out sessions.  Based on interests, students had the opportunity to select from the following sessions:

Creative arts was moderated by Ann Jackson.  Her panel included Randy Hayes, musician; Wendy Anderson, photographer; and Jenny Corder, Drama Instructor, Director of the Hill College Players.

Students who attended the public service panel moderated by Kathy Corbin listened to local first responders; Police Chief Christopher Bentley; Fire Chief Wayland Price; and two EMS techs; Karen Redden & Allie Keller who talked about their experiences and qualifications for entering the field of public service.  

David Briggs, retired middle school teacher, moderated the education panel that gave students an opportunity to hear from Peggy Mitchell, retired elementary teacher, Monte Geren, retired school superintendent and Region 12 consultant, and Jay Miller, retired high school teacher, coach, and principal.  

Business owner Ronnie Roberts' panel consisted of Darren Hayes, Farmers Insurance Agency Owner; Perry Auten, Subway franchise owner; and Karen Lockridge, Forget Me Not Flower Shop owner. 

Students who attended the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) panel moderated by Carolyn Kuhlmann enjoyed hearing Tommy Edgar, Glen Van Wyk, Matt Fehnel, and Linda Wilmarth talk about their technical careers in IT and engineering. 

Dr. Jody Yarbro's medical/health care panel consisted of health professionals; Sara Youngblood, pharmacy technician; Ava Wood, retired RN; Karen Van Wyk, psychotherapist; and Tanya Sulak, medical office manager.  

After the students enjoyed a pizza lunch, the college representatives Sally Frazier, McLennan College; Margaret Moreno, Navarro College; and technical college representative Don Diaz from Texas State Technical College all spoke about their schools.  At the end of their presentations, students were invited to visit each of the college tables for more information and individualized discussions.

Patty Turner, Lynette Moore, Linda Turner, Linda Yeary, and Canda Cox collaborated to serve pizza and cookies to the students and provided a hospitality room for the volunteers.  A special thank you goes to Leon Sparks for coordinating the set-up of the worship center and classrooms, and Philip Helms for managing the audio system. 

The day was a resounding success!  Students learned a lot about various careers.  With a variety of input from colleges and the military, students were provided choices to plan their lives beyond high school.  Hearing from professionals with successful careers gave students first hand valuable information and ideas to chart their futures. 

ission  Thank You For 2016 Career Day Event
 oment  April, 2016

In an earlier edition the website chronicled the events around the Chapel's mission support program offering career day sessions for the juniors at Whitney High School.  Receiving thank you notes for the efforts is very gratifying and documents the effects of the effort.

The following is a Lakelander "Letter To The Editor" thank you from two Whitney High School Counselors for White Bluff Chapel's Career Day activity and support of the local youth.  The career day event was chronicled in an earlier Mission Moment.

On Thursday February 11, the junior class of Whitney high School attended a College and Career Day at First Church of the Nazarene.

This wonderful event was organized and sponsored by White Bluff Chapel.  Mrs. Dottie Briggs was the coordinator this year and did a wonderful job.  All the students were able to attend three sessions of their choice which dealt with different career paths.

Additionally, all of the students heard from representatives of several colleges and were and were able to visit individually with the representatives after the main presentation.

All the students thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from this event.  On behalf of the junior class, faculty and staff of Whitney High School, thank you to Mrs. Briggs, White Bluff Chapel, First Church of the Nazarene, and all the volunteers who made this fantastic day possible.

Thank you so much, and we are already looking forward to next year's College and Career Day.


Jenifer Pair and Sheri Pelham
Counselors, WHS

ission  Whitney High School
College & Career Day Event
 oment  March, 2016

White Bluff Chapel's Educational Mission Committee sponsored the annual College & Career Day for Whitney High School juniors on February 11, 2016. 102 students participated in the event which was held at the First Church of the Nazarene.  This event was the 11th annual College & Career Day event for Whitney High School.

Students learned about various careers and what community colleges and technical schools can provide to further their education.   With a variety of input, students were given the tools to plan their futures beyond high school.  Hearing from professionals with successful careers provided students with first-hand valuable information and ideas to chart their futures.

Superintendent Gene Solis welcomed students and expressed his appreciation for all who come together from the community to make the event a success.  Whitney High School counselors Jennifer May and Sheri Pelham were also in attendance.  Dottie Briggs, Committee Sub Chair who was assisted by Kathy Dorsey, organized the event that included participation from approximately 40 volunteers from the community in addition to representatives from four local colleges: Hill College, McLennan College, Navarro College and Texas State Technical College.

Based on their personal interests, students had the opportunity to participate in their choice from the following break-out sessions:

  • Creative Arts, moderated by Ann Jackson. Her panel included Ralph Sparks, musician; Wendy Anderson, photographer; and Betty Moodt, needle crafts.
  • Students who attended the Public Service panel, moderated by Kathy Corbin, heard presentations from local first responders, including Police Chief Christopher Bentley, Fire Chief Wayland Price and EMT Supervisor Heather Cornelius.  
  • David Briggs, a long-time middle school educator, moderated the Education panel made up of Peggy Mitchell, retired elementary teacher; Monte Geren, higher education; and Jay Miller, retired high school coach and principal. 
  • Business owner Ronnie Roberts' panel consisted of Darren Hayes, Farmers Insurance Agency Owner, and Anthony Silas, Attorney. 
  • Students who attended the STEM panel, representing science, technology, engineering and math, heard Tommy Edgar and Wes Mitchell describe their technical careers in information Technology and engineering. 
  • Tanya Sulak discussed the need for well-developed social and personal skills and for refined resume preparation and writing. 
  • Dr. Auten's Medical/Health Care panel consisted of community health professionals Elisha Henkelman, RN; Leona Rumfield and Amy Hoffman, pharmacists; Kara Halbert, physical therapist assistant; Kristin Immicke, speech therapist; and Julie Pareya, licensed massage therapist.

The event concluded with presentations from representatives of several local colleges: Joe Hinojosa from Hill College; Sally Street, McLennan College; Margaret Moreno, Navarro College; and Verna LaStrapes from Texas State Technical College. Students were invited to visit each of the college tables for more information and individualized discussions.  

Students were treated to a pizza lunch before returning to school.  Serving on the lunch and hospitality committees were Patty Turner, Schelly Storm, Betty Newman, Linda Turner, Pat Griffin, Ursula Stone, Linda Yeary and Kay Miller.

ission  WBC Brings College/Career Day
to WHS Students
 oment  November, 2014

Two hundred Whitney High School juniors and seniors attended College/Career Day on Wednesday, November 19, 2014. The ambitious event, held at the First Church of the Nazarene in Whitney, was organized and executed primarily by the White Bluff Chapel Education Mission Committee. It was custom-designed to cater to the specific needs of each of the two classes of students. Seniors attended sessions planned for them in the morning and juniors received information selected for them in the afternoon.

Based on their individual interests, students had the opportunity to select from break-out sessions covering a multitude of discipline areas: Creative Arts, Education, Public Service, Business, Health Care, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). In the break-out sessions, the young folks heard local professionals and successful retirees talk about their careers. With an emphasis on the required education in each specialty area, panelists encouraged students to expand their schooling to prepare for productive careers. Verna LaStraeps, a representative from Texas State Technical College (TSTC), brought students information about two-year programs in technical training and certification fields.

Chairing the project was Dottie Briggs, Chairman of the WBC Education Committee, who was assisted by Betty Newman, serving as Co-Chair.  Panel moderators for the break-out sessions included Ann Jackson in Creative Arts; David Briggs in Education; Bob Kruse in Public Service; Carolyn Kuhlmann in STEM; Dottie Briggs in Business; and Betty Newman & Dr. Wesley Sulak in Health Care.

Serving on the Hospitality Committee were Ann Duncan, Sandy Moore, Gayle Kralik and Linda Yeary.

ission  College and Career Readiness Day
Hailed Success
 oment  February, 2013

College and Career Readiness Day Project Chair Betty Newman from White Bluff Chapel reports that the February 6 event held for Whitney High School’s Junior Class lived up to the level of excellence that previous years have attained in this endeavor. A highlight in the day’s programming included Tanya Sulak’s presentation to the students which was entitled, "What Do I Do Next?" Sulak showed samples of mock resumés and provided numerous tips on what employers and universities look for in order to select the right candidates for their employment/school.

The break-out sessions that students could select to attend featured cluster-group panels made up of professionals hailing from similar occupational areas. They consisted of:

  • The Business Panel was conducted by John Theile.
  • Creative Arts was moderated by Ann Jackson, with Ralph Sparks representing Music Ministry; Karen Lockridge from “Forget Me Not Flowers;” Gayle VanSant in Culinary Arts; and Kitty Marbut from Kitty’s Lakeside Barbers.
  • The Public Service panel, led by Bob Kruse, featured contributors Milt Bergman; Whitney EMS/Paramedic Heather Cornelius; and Whitney Chief of Police Chris Bently.
  • Education was represented by Debbie Bradley, Chair, with educators Jane Osborn, James Ward, Dwayne Redding and Dr. Ruth Maddux.
  • The Technical Certifications panel was moderated by Verna Lastreaps from the Recruiting Services at Texas State Technical College in Waco, who was joined by her colleagues from TSTC, Chris McCauley in Drafting and Design; Fabian Laura in the Welding Department; and Daniel Phillips from the Diesel Department.
  • Health Care was led by Dr. Wesley Sulak, with Suzanne Jenkins, D.P.M.; William Hooper, C.R.N.A.; Randy Henderson, D.O.; Cliff Auten, D. D. S.; Leona Rumfield, R. D. H.; Shelby Cabeen, R.D.H.; and Lisa Cannon, R. Ph.
  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) was moderated by Carolyn Kuhlmann. Joining her were Tommy Edgar; Scotty Scott; Ed Snow, Ph.D.; and Matt Fehnel.

Other colleagues participating and helping make the day a success were Sandy Moore, Gayle Kralik, Phyllis Olson, Linda Turner, Betsy Torman, Chris Whisenand, Ann Duncan, and Linda Yeary, all of White Bluff Chapel.

ission  Educational Missions Committee
Organizes WHS Career Day
 oment  March, 2012

A paramedic, a welder, a professor of Laser Electro-Optics and Nanotechnology and a theoretical physicist were among the over 33 area professionals presenting education and career options to the Junior Class at the 6th Annual Whitney High School Career Day.  The event was held Thursday, February 23, at the Nazarene Church.

While this was a community effort, many of those organizing and participating in the event came from the White Bluff Chapel.  Betty Newman, recently retired Executive Director over Student and Scholar Development for Midland I.S.D., headed up the organizing committee for the project. The moderators of the seven panels of professionals included Gwen Eubank (Business), Ann Jackson (Creative Arts), Bob Kruse (Public Service), Pat Griffin (Education), Verna Lastreaps (Technical Certifications), Ann McAlpin (Health Care), and Carolyn Kuhlman (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

The day began with Mr. Gene Solis, Superintendent of Whitney ISD, welcoming the students and thanking the many volunteers for their numerous hours of preparation for the event.  Russell Gauer, high school assistant principal, spoke about his college experiences and his decision to go into education.  Betty Newman gave a Power Point address on the correlation of salaries and education for success in one's career. Dr. Kris Auten delivered the culminating motivational speech for the event. Mr. Gauer and high school counselor, Janna Delany greeted the panelists and then, during the closing wrap up, they spoke to the students about the importance of performing community service, preparing their resumé and planning for their future.

Sandy Moore, chair of the Chapel's Educational Missions Sub-Committee, headed up the behind-the-scenes teams dealing with preparation and execution of the event.

Food and drinks were provided by the Whitney Ministerial Alliance, and the Nazarene Chaurch of Whitney provided their facility and sound engineer, Phillip Helms. Jim Browder served as photographer for the event, and Madeleine Lively provided the publicity. Partial funding for this project comes through the Educational Sub-Committee under the White Bluff Chapel Missions Committee.

Click here for a complete list of volunteers.

Mission of the Month, February 2012

College and Career Readiness Day
February 23, 2012

White Bluff Chapel, in cooperation with the Whitney Ministerial Alliance, will present the 6th annual College and Career Readiness Day for Whitney High School junior class students. To be held again at the Whitney First Church of the Nazarene, the program will be followed by lunch provided by the Ministerial Alliance and a motivational closing by Dr. Chris Auten, a Whitney chiropractic doctor.

This year's chairperson from White Bluff Chapel, Betty Newman, reports that students will be able to participate in their choice of three of the seven vocational panels to be offered. Panel topics include Business, Creative Arts, Public Service, Education, Healthcare, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and two-year certification specialties. Each panel will discuss the education required for the jobs and what students can expect once they go out into the workforce.

Panelists featured will include professionals from Texas State Technical College, McClennan Community College, Hill College and the Ministerial Alliance. Representatives from the military will be present to guide and answer student's questions. Gwen Eubank from King Memorial United Methodist Church has also arranged for managers from both Brookshire's and WalMart to participate. A local retired firefighter along with a current EMS and a member of law enforcement will be featured on the Public Service panel. High school principal Chris Hestilow, along with Superintendent Gene Solis and Counselor Jana Delaney are offering support. Betty Newman is especially grateful to Ms. Delaney for her extensive help in putting this special day together.

Betty Newman is a member of the Educational Sub-Committee of the White Bluff Chapel Missions Committee. She brings much experience to the chairmanship of this project, having recently retired as Executive Director over Student and Scholar Development for Midland I.S.D. In that capacity, Newman supervised all the guidance and counseling programs for 22,000 students, including the Advanced Placement, Gifted and Talented, and college-bound programs. Ms. Newman also served as keynote speaker for this event in Whitney in 2009 & 2010. For more information about the Whitney College and Career Readiness Day, email Betty Newman or call her at 694-7290..

ission  Education Mission Organizes
WHS Career Day
 oment  March, 2011

The Hill County Sheriff, a representative from the Princeton Review and an automotive instructor from the new “Snap On” program at Hill College/Cleburne were among the over 40 area professionals presenting education and career options to the junior class at the 5th Annual Whitney High School Career Day.  The event was held Thursday, March 24, at the Nazarene Church.

While this was a community effort, many of those participating come from the White Bluff Chapel.  Pat Griffin headed up the organizing committee and Sandy Moore and Linda Christensen were in charge of making folders and collecting information for each student.  Keynote speakers were Susan Allison, a retired school counselor from Midland who is a part-time resident at White Bluff, and our own Cynthia Redden, also a retired school counselor.  Both impressed upon the students the importance of the decisions they will soon be making.

Gayle Kralik, Linda Yeary and Linda Turner supervised the ordering of a pizza lunch and the gathering of homemade cookies.  Ann McAlpin helped with assigning students to career panels, according to their choices.  Larry Lively enlisted a group of Jay Kralik, Charles Baker, Keith Moreland and Glenn Carrell to help with the set-up of the classrooms and auditorium, as well as the return to their original set-up at the end of the day.  Jerry Christensen served as photographer for the event.

It was not all work and no play as we encouraged the students and committee to wear college T-shirts.  The day began with a “Minute to Win It” game to match colleges with mascots.  Trivia questions about colleges and careers were also asked.  Both games resulted in prizes for participants, and other prizes donated by the community were given during the panel sessions.

The feedback from presenters and students was mainly positive and we hope minds were challenged.  Partial funding for this program comes through the Education Sub-Committee from the White Bluff Chapel Mission Committee budget.