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Strange Words
    March 18, 2018
    Matthew 26, John 18,
    John 19
    Terry Cosby

Too Much of a Good Thing
    March 11, 2018
    1 John: 4
    Terry Cosby

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ission  Critter Ladies Receive Thank You
from Children's Health
 oment  Posted March 14, 2018

Once again the ladies involved with the Critter program received a thank you from the CCBD Child Life staff with Children's Health.  The children are in the Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders.

With the many types of critters they create, the work of these WB Chapel ladies helps children from many areas find comfort in varied conditions of health.  There is always room for more volunteers to continue this great effort of making life easier for these children.  Those interested in becoming involved should contact either Sandy Cannon at 254.694.1983 or Cheryl Robinson at 254-694-5736.  Any level of skill is useful in promoting this worthy cause.

ission  Financial Aid Recipient Speaks at Chapel
 oment  Posted March 14, 2018

On Sunday, March 4, David Briggs introduced Gabriela Herrera to those attending the Chapel Worship Service.  Gabriela is a 2013 Financial Aid award recipient who is the first in her family to graduate from high school and now from college.

Gabriela spoke about how the award as well as the mentorship from Tyler and Canda Cox helped her achieve her goal to graduate from the University of North Texas.  Her message underlined the significance of the Chapel's Financial Aid program and the uniqueness of its mentorship feature for local students seeking higher education.

If you were unable to attend the service on March 4, you can listen to Gabriela's message now.

What's Happening

Men's Ministry to Repair a Home in Cleburne
Posted March 14, 2018

A recent "Mission Moment" website update told about the Chapel's Men's Ministry joining with an organization called ‘6 Stones’ to make repairs on the home of a needy resident of Cleburne.  During the period of March 20-22, the groups will once again participate in the project called “Spring 2018 CPR" (Community Powered Revitalization) in Cleburne.  

White Bluff Chapel has been assigned a house at 1601 Granbury St. for their contribution to the project. Their task will be to fix up the home of an elderly man who lives in only one room of the house since the other rooms are currently uninhabitable. Repairs are needed to make them safe.

It is hoped that the Men’s Ministry will be able to complete their repair work Tuesday-Thursday, March 20-22, in advance of the community blitz taking place on Friday and Saturday when the community folks will be doing the outside painting, yard cleanup, etc.  Since all the Chapel’s work will be inside except for the gutters, the Men’s Ministry will be able to continue their work inside on Friday and/or Sat. if necessary.  Upon completion of the project, the website will post an overview of the activity with pictures.

The tentative plan is to divide the men’s work into several areas, assign a few workers to each, and then let them figure out what needs to be done and what materials are needed.  Right now it looks like the key areas will be:
1.) Repair floor in living room.
2.) Overlay floor in bedroom.
3.) Overlay floor and repair door in utility room.
4.) Replace ceiling in kitchen.
5.) Fix garage roll-up door.
6.) Install gutters.
7.) Replace bathtub wall-surround.
Additional items may be identified once they tear into it!

As is obvious, there is a lot to do and much help will be needed.  Those who can help on any or all days should contact the Men’s Ministry Chair, Rick Faught at 817-913-0777 or at rjfaught@yahoo.com.

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Wizard of Cos
Terry's Blog

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On the Road Again

Learning to Show God's Light to Those around Me
Posted March 14, 2018

by Bill Burris

The community of White Bluff is filled with many people similar to the one in Max Lucado's message below. They go about their daily life shining God's light to those around them. Some may not even know that they emit that light. But I am certainly aware of His light shining through them.

Our daily devotionals and the various Bible studies I attend lead me to pray for the Holy Spirit to guide me down the right road so that God's light can be seen through me as I go about each day. As Max mentions, you never know who might be watching. Our actions confirm the type of Christian we are to others.

One of our daily devotionals this year is Max Lucado's "Grace for the Moment." That reading inspired the idea for sharing it in this column.

Only One Thing Counts

You should be a light for other people. Live so they will see the good things you do and will praise your Father in heaven. Matthew 5:16

Think about the day Christ comes. There you are in the great circle of the redeemed. Though you are one of the throng, it's as if you and Jesus are all alone... I'm speculating now, but I wonder if Christ might say these words to you. "I'm so proud that you let me use you. Because of you, others are here today. Would you like to meet them?"...

At that point Jesus might turn to the crowd and invite them.... One by one, they begin to step out and walk forward. The first is your neighbor, a crusty old sort who lived next door. To be frank, you didn't expect to see him. "You never knew I was watching" he explains "but I was. And because of you I am here"...

It's not long before you and your Savior are encircled by the delightful collection of souls you've touched. Some you know, most you don't, but for each you feel the same... You feel what Paul felt..."I'm so proud of your faith." See 1 Tess. 2:19 For what is our hope, our joy, or the crown in which we will glory in the presence of our Lord Jesus when He comes? Is it not you?

Faith is a lot like WI-FI. You can't see it, but it connects you to everything you need. ANON

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