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Men's Ministry to Repair a Home in Cleburne
Posted March 14, 2018

A recent "Mission Moment" website update told about the Chapel's Men's Ministry joining with an organization called ‘6 Stones’ to make repairs on the home of a needy resident of Cleburne.  During the period of March 20-22, the groups will once again participate in the project called “Spring 2018 CPR" (Community Powered Revitalization) in Cleburne.  

White Bluff Chapel has been assigned a house at 1601 Granbury St. for their contribution to the project. Their task will be to fix up the home of an elderly man who lives in only one room of the house since the other rooms are currently uninhabitable. Repairs are needed to make them safe.

It is hoped that the Men’s Ministry will be able to complete their repair work Tuesday-Thursday, March 20-22, in advance of the community blitz taking place on Friday and Saturday when the community folks will be doing the outside painting, yard cleanup, etc.  Since all the Chapel’s work will be inside except for the gutters, the Men’s Ministry will be able to continue their work inside on Friday and/or Sat. if necessary.  Upon completion of the project, the website will post an overview of the activity with pictures.

The tentative plan is to divide the men’s work into several areas, assign a few workers to each, and then let them figure out what needs to be done and what materials are needed.  Right now it looks like the key areas will be:
1.) Repair floor in living room.
2.) Overlay floor in bedroom.
3.) Overlay floor and repair door in utility room.
4.) Replace ceiling in kitchen.
5.) Fix garage roll-up door.
6.) Install gutters.
7.) Replace bathtub wall-surround.
Additional items may be identified once they tear into it!

As is obvious, there is a lot to do and much help will be needed.  Those who can help on any or all days should contact the Men’s Ministry Chair, Rick Faught at 817-913-0777 or at rjfaught@yahoo.com.